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Gardening Talks

Steven Biggs: professional garden speaker and horticulturist

Download a one-page summary of my gardening talks, or read below for detailed descriptions.

Gardening Talks Offered

Here are the gardening talks that I currently offer. Suitable for green and brown thumbs:

No Guff Vegetable Gardening

No Guff Vegetable Gardening follow the no-guff approach of my book, sharing my favourite vegetable crops, talking about easy-to-grow crops for the busy gardener, exploring lesser-known vegetable crops, and giving great ideas for growing vegetables in small spaces. Leave this talk with an understanding of how to make vegetable gardening simple, fun, and practical. No Guff!



Brugmansia: Intemperate Tropical Charmer

If I could grow only one flower, I would choose Brugmansia, a tropical plant with fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers that can be as long as a wine bottle. This tropical beauty never fails to elicit cooing from visitors. Also known as Angel’s Trumpet, it’s equally at home as a garden centrepiece, container-bound patio sentry, or in the flower border. In this talk, learn how to grow and overwinter tropical Brugmansia in our temperate climate.


Edibles in Urban Landscapes

Edibles in Urban LandscapesThe days of veggiephobia are over. Have a visually stunning garden and eat it too. Front yard or back, incorporate edibles into your existing garden beds if you don't have space for a stand-alone vegetable garden. If you have thought of a front yard veggie garden but weren’t sure how to start, or want to find out how to incorporate a few tomato plants with your perennials, this talk is for you. If you’ve ever wanted to grow edibles, but need inspiration, this talk is for you.


Crops that Wow

Crops that Wow

When veggie gardening space is limited, why grow the green beans you can easily buy at the store? Instead, paint the supper table with a surprising array of coloured veg including red okra, purple beans, yellow carrots, rainbow chard, and golden beets. Then add an exotic touch with intercultural crops such as bitter melon or Malabar spinach, treats that are hard to find at the supermarket. If you grow veg or want to grow veg, but want to be a bit different, this talk is for you.


Grow Gardeners: Kid-tested Gardening with Children

Grow GardenersGet kids gardening! Got a fussy eater? Kids often eat the vegetables they grow. And parents of little gardeners often get more time to spend in their gardens. Kids thrive in the garden, whether they’re poking seeds into the ground, peering at purple flowers, or giggling at a wriggling worm. If you want to get kids gardening but don’t know how to start—or if you want new ideas—this talk is for you. My daughter Emma, who co-authored a Grow-Gardeners. Kid-Tested Gardening with Children with me when she was nine-year-old, often accompanies me for this talk.


Steve's talk about figs stimulates lots of questions.

Grow Figs Where You Think You Can't

So you didn’t think you could grow figs in a northern climate? You can. And you don’t need a greenhouse to do it. Fig trees are forgiving plants that take a lot of abuse. I'm a fig-pig who grows fig trees in Toronto. If you want the simple truth about growing a crop of figs at home—and want to know how to propagate your own fig trees—this talk is for you.


No-Fuss Backyard Fruit

DNo-Fuss Backyard Fruiton’t have time to nurture fussy fruit trees? You can still grow your own fruit…and you can easily grow more than you need. Become self-sufficient in fruit that you can use for preserves, pies, and juice—all without the fuss that many tree fruits demand. This talk focuses on three often-forgotten crops: currants and gooseberries; elderberries; and serviceberries. Then it looks at other no-fuss fruits. If you’ve ever wondered if you could replace store-bought juice with your own, this talk is for you.

Grow Veg in Containers and Small Spaces

You don’t need an acreage to grow lots of your own veg—and this inspiring talk will give you lots of ideas about how to maximize production from a small space. Get ideas for unique containers, find out about vertical gardening, see how easy it is to grow a rooftop garden, and get practical pointers about plant care. If you’ve ever wondered if it’s really possible to harvest lots from a small space, this talk is for you.

See me Speak

Real Gardening Experience

I speak from the heart when it comes to gardening. I'm a life-long gardener who has managed to garden wherever I have lived—creating allotment gardens, container gardens, indoor gardens, and gardens hewn from overgrown backyards of rented houses.

Along with a horticultural science degree, my work experience spans plant propagation, greenhouses, biological controls, nursery and conservatory plants, and horticultural supplies.

Gardening Know-How Made Accessible

As a horticulturist, life-long gardener, and journalist, I have a knack for taking the barrage of gardening information that’s out there and translating it into practical, no-nonsense advice.

Gardening Talks that Connect

I believes a good talk is more than slides with bullet points and pictures: It brings together good content with engaging delivery. It must be FUN too.

I enjoy bringing out the energy in larger groups, and equally enjoy the intimacy that smaller groups allow.

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Download a one-page summary of my gardening talks.

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