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Business-of-Writing Talks

Steven Biggs: professional speaker

The Business of Collaborating

No Guff Vegetable GardeningI collaborated by phone, Skype, and e-mail with Calgary author Donna Balzer to write and publish No Guff Vegetable Gardening, which has had great sales, great reviews, and was reissued by an American publisher.

In this talk, I explore my collaboration with Donna to show how entrepreneurs can collaborate to succeed at projects they might not undertake themselves…projects such as self-publishing a book.

This talk explores many aspects of successful collaboration including technology, sharing information, business agreements, delegating tasks, and resolving disagreements. For audiences interested in the specifics of the book industry, this talk can also look at details such as designing, printing, distribution, and marketing.

A Tale of Three Books

Grow Gardeners. Kid-Tested Gardening with ChildrenI have produced and marketed my three self-published books. And they are all very, very different. All three have been very rewarding projects.

In this talk, I discuss writing, editing, layout, printing, and marketing. I expalin my motivation for the three books. I tell you what worked; and what failed.

Two books are in a crowded subject area. One is in a niche area. One I've marketed through bookstores. With two, I've steered away from conventional retail channels such as bookstores.

I tell you why I have done what I've done--and the results. 

Three books: three business models. Which one is right for you? 


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